May 7th


TESLA night

About Tesla

Tesla is the annual technical extravaganza of the Electrical and Electronics Department of College of Engineering, Trivandrum. Just like its namesake. The fest has an abundance of innovation, creativity and freedom. Boasting exciting competitions, mind boggling projects and a multitude of expos, Tesla is a fest that has set its bar higher every year. A collaborative effort put by the department. Its a vision that has been passed down to the present by its predecessors. Thus portraying a legacy brought out by ideas, innovation and hardwork.

The TESLA 22 Team

About the Department

The Department of Electrical Engineering is one of the founding departments of College of Engineering Trivandrum which started functioning in 1939. Right from its inception, the department has been rated very high in academic circles. It provides quality technical education to young minds with a zeal to contribute to the advancement of human knowledge and progress. We, the students, staff and faculty at EE strive to take the global presence of CET to the next level.